It’s not easy being a city leader today.  You’re tasked Interracial Business Planning Team Looking At Plans In Modern Ci
with doing more  with less,  stimulating economic growth, keeping people safe, providing the needed infrastructure, managing precious resources, engaging your citizens, fiscal responsibility, and more.  Your constituents hold you accountable.  They want transparency in government, and honesty in their elected leaders.  They want leaders who will solve their problems, and provide for a better future.

Managing these governing challenges means leading strategically, thinking creatively, and acting collaboratively.  It requires leadership skills and knowledge that many elected officials lack, and have difficulty learning on the job.

But these skills can be taught – you can develop the qualities and capacities required for leading your city through change and challenging times.

The Texas Municipal League announces its first annual Leadership Academy – a three-course, six-day program, designed to enhance the leadership skills of officials who serve our Texas cities.  The Leadership Academy features an impressive faculty of university professors, thought leaders, and governing officials who will teach you to critique your own decisions and actions, and develop the competencies needed to excel in your leadership role.

July 29-31 – Course One: Personal Leadership Effectiveness
August 26-28 – Course Two: Citizen Engagement and Collaboration

At the TML Leadership Academy, you will:

  • Measure your leadership competencies, and identify actions to improve your effectiveness
  • Look at who you are, and why you’re leading
  • Explore the principles and characteristics of ethical leadership
  • Discuss standards for transparency in government, and what they mean for you
  • Learn to build trust and community
  • Improve team-building and communication skills to lead people through change
  • Gain skills to prepare for and address crisis situations
  • Practice negotiation and conflict resolution for strategic influence
  • Prepare for the opportunity to advance to higher office

As a Leadership Academy participant, you will assess your personal leadership style and approach in a comfortable setting. You’ll meet and work with your counterparts from other Texas cities, discussing local issues in the broader leadership context. And you’ll discover how to apply what you learn in your public service role.

Most importantly, your city and citizens will benefit from the education and experience that you gain.

TML Leadership Fellow
Make the commitment and attend both courses (more than 30 hours of training) to be awarded the prestigious title of “TML Leadership Fellow.” All TML Leadership Fellows will  be honored at the closing session on August 28, and in Texas Town & City magazine.

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