Strategic Influence and Negotiation

FrankeRun Fast, Watch Your Back, and Don’t Trip!
Rob Franke, P.E., Mediation Solutions and Mayor, City of Cedar Hill

Municipal leaders are expected to have the answers, lead, and present complex issues in ‘sound-bites’ while faced with competing interests, competing colleagues and more opinions than there are constituents. Navigating this environment using strategic influence is a refreshing approach to authentic leadership and effective negotiation in complex and politically charged environments.
In the political world of “my way or gridlock,” true leaders will negotiate the non-negotiable and emerge with solutions that simply make sense. With strategic influence and negotiation skills, city leaders will apply the essence of peacemaking (not pacifying) and influential leadership (not correctness) to confidentially negotiate collaborative solutions.

Rob Franke, P.E. is an engineer, peacemaker, mediator, and a mayor. He is a chemical engineer with a Master’s in Dispute Resolution and Reconciliation. With more than 20 years as an elected official, 32 years as an engineer, entrepreneur and business leader, Rob speaks ‘city’ and ‘business’ fluently.

His passion is to help leaders build community solutions using business sense, collaboration and diverse relationships. Rob chairs several non-profit corporations, serves on regional boards, and is part owner of H&F Consulting, Inc., specializing in municipal engineering, governance, and strategic solutions.

He received the 2011 William J. Pitstick Award, which is presented annually by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, to recognize an individual from the 16-county North Central Texas region who demonstrated a commitment to the concept of “regionalism” by promoting cooperation between citizens and government officials.