Managing Change and the People Who Resist It

Why do some people resist change while others seem to love it? Many governments and organizations are challenged by reduced resources, increased state debts, departmental budget cuts, increased scrutiny, redesigned hierarchies, new leaders, and technology transitions. It is a tough time to be governing in Texas!

Some people will struggle through these changes while others will thrive, seizing new opportunities and embracing new innovations. Learn to help others succeed in a changing environment in this high-content, high-energy, and highly interactive session.

Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, Commander, US Navy (ret) shares the secrets of mastering change to ensure a strong and successful future for individuals as well as organizations. Participants leave this workshop feeling confident about their ability to design and implement the right changes for their staffs, citizens, and governing officials.

Mary’s entertaining and engaging workshop includes:

* Understanding highly individualized and typical responses to change
* Dealing with personal transitions and workplace challenges when you like things the way they are
* Assessment of personal tolerance/acceptance of change
* Discover why people view the same change as either positive or negative
* How to get your staff from the Denial to the Commitment phase
* Adapting, accepting, and embracing change to build a stronger team
* Creating personal change from the inside out for healthier and happier employees

Mary Kelly, PhD is a nationally recognized and renowned economist and leadership expert specializing in improving business efficiency and maximizing available resources.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Mary has trained over 40,000 military and civilian personnel in multi-cultural environments around the world. She served 21 years as a commissioned officer in the Navy, and retired as a commander.

A university business and economics professor, Mary combines theory and practicality. With extensive experience in human resources, finance, insurance, organizational leadership, strategic planning, and project development, she focuses on building successful strategies for business leaders at all levels of an organization.

 Mary is the author of several books, including:

  • Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired Lessons to Increase Productivity, Profits and Communication
  • 15 Ways to Grow your Business in Every Economy
  • Money Smart: How not to buy cat food when you don’t have a cat
  • Stop the Barking at Work: Effective Communications to be Clear, Profitable and Happy
  • 360 Degrees of Leadership: Steering Around the Icebergs
  • In Case of Emergency, Break Glass!

Mary started writing orders at trade shows with her family’s sales business at age ten, and she has been employed (and paying taxes) since she was twelve. A frustrated comedian, Mary would like to be as funny as her friends claim she is.

Mary coaches the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Equestrian Team, and she and her therapy dogs make routine visits to local hospitals and retirement homes.