The Power of Collaborative Leadership

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.The 21 Century is seeing the combination of new employees, new constituents and stakeholders, and new business realities that add up to one word: Collaboration. With these realities comes a new leadership model – one that replaces command and control with trust and inclusion. The leader’s role is to encourage staff and citizens to see themselves as empowered and valued contributors, and to help build their knowledge base, expand their personal networks, and encourage them to offer their ideas and perspectives in service of a common goal. Collaborative leaders understand how to create an environment in which people choose to participate and contribute.

Inspiring, interactive and energizing, this session will give you the insight and skills to build collaborative relationships. You’ll learn:

  • How silos develop and how they destroy productivity and engagement
  • Strategies for “silo-busting”
  • The key actions of collaborative leaders
  • How a collaborative meeting differs from other types of meetings
  • Why people don’t tell what they know, and strategies to break through those barriers
  • How to build a solid foundation for collaboration — the five levels of trust
  • How a leader’s body language impacts collaboration success

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., presents keynote addresses and seminars to corporations, government agencies and major trade associations. Carol is a communications coach who works with politicians and executives to increase their professional impact by projecting confidence, power, warmth, and charisma. She consults with team leaders, managers, sales teams, and women in leadership roles to more effectively lead change, foster collaboration, reach high-level sales goals, and build cultures of trust.

Carol has been cited as an authority in media such as Industry Week, Investors Business Daily, CNN’s Business Unusual, PBS Marketplace, the Washington Post’s On Leadership column, MarketWatch radio, and the NBC Nightly News. She is a leadership blogger for Forbes and the author of twelve business books, including The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help – or Hurt – How You Lead.  Her latest book is The Truth About Lies in the Workplace: How to Spot Liars and What to Do about Them. 

Carol has been a therapist in private practice, a nightclub entertainer, and a majorette for the 49er football team — but not in that order. She has served as adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the International MBA program, at the University of California in the Executive Education Department, and for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States at their Institutes for Organization Management. She’s a current faculty member for the Institute of Management Studies.